This is a collection of some of the writing that people have been inspired to produce using the Where Do Stories Come From? website.

In just 10-20 minutes, you can use elements of a story from Tash’s own archive at the University of East Anglia combined with a series of immersive video postcards and sound effects to start creating your own pieces of writing.
Tash starts the writing process by developing his central characters, questioning their motivations and the moral choices that confront them. How will your character respond?

As Tash Aw explains:
“Maybe, like me, you’ve always wanted to tell a story– of a person, an incident, maybe something that’s happened to you, but the thought of writing it seems too daunting, almost impossible.
That was how I felt for many years. I thought writing was a special talent that some people were born with, but after many years of writing I’ve learnt that anyone can acquire these skills.”

Enjoy these submissions by your fellow writers. We hope they will inspire you to start your own writing journey at Where Do Stories Come From?